You’re here for a reason

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You’ve been given a cancer diagnosis and you’re wondering where to find the best treatment and support. Or perhaps you’re concerned about someone else and doing the research on their behalf.


Maybe you don’t think you’re getting the service or care you need.

You’ve had enough of feeling in the dark and are increasingly concerned that not a lot seems to have happened since your cancer diagnosis. You’re probably wishing you could fast track appointments, have confidence in your cancer diagnosis and find the right treatment for you. The lack of clarity and urgency is so distressing isn’t it? You’re most likely asking yourself, ‘Should I chase the hospital? Call my GP? Will I still be treated on the NHS if I follow a private referral?’

Or perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope.

And you’re wondering how you’re supposed to concentrate on feeling well physically when there are all these decisions, practical and emotional challenges to deal with, too.


A Multitude Of Life-Changing Decisions

The cancer journey is a rollercoaster of emotion, especially at the cancer diagnosis stage. Patients and relatives have to make a multitude of life-changing decisions regarding treatment over a short period of time.

Dr. Andy Gaya. Consultant Clinical Oncologist.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. And you’re in the perfect place.


Imagine if things were moving along at an acceptable pace.

If you could make tough decisions armed with the facts. If the best and most appropriate doctors for your specific type of cancer were seeing you promptly. And you always knew what was happening behind the scenes.

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that someone who saw the world from your perspective had your back?

That you were getting the right treatment and care? That someone who knew the system inside out was not only coordinating private medical appointments and information on your behalf. But also supporting you through your cancer diagnosis – every step of the way?

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An unknowable journey…

The benefits of supporting a patient and their family through an unknowable journey in what can be a bewildering environment is invaluable.

Sue Smith. Former CEO, Princess Grace Hospital.

Thankfully, this is available.


Harley Street Concierge exists to make it simpler, more efficient and less distressing for you to find the right cancer care and get support.


If you’re looking for someone who knows the private system inside out to fast track your case and make everything happen on your behalf, we do that.


Or if you’re looking for someone to explain things simply, help you make decisions and provide emotional and practical support, we do that too.

You feeling more positive about your future is a wonderful side effect of the journey we’d take together.

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Started Treatment Within 24 Hours

The pace at which everything happened was truly extraordinary. My Cancer Support Specialist met me at the airport. Within 24 hours I had seen 3 specialists and started treatment.

Mr Peter W. Scotland.

Chao Liu

I’m Surprised How Quickly Things Can Be Done

I was looking for treatment for my father but didn’t know who or where to ask. We contacted our GP, a couple of cancer charities and private hospitals but they were very general and it wasn’t fast enough. I wasn’t sure if Harley Street Concierge would be able to provide an unbiased opinion. But the service has been first class. We went to the first consultation on Monday and a scan and biopsy was done that same day. Results came back on Wednesday and we have the operation on Saturday. Every second counts and the quicker we can have the operation, the better chance he will have of making a full recovery. I’m surprised how quickly things can be done privately after a cancer diagnosis and then there is always the option to go down the NHS route again once you have all the tests.

Mr Chao Liu. London.