Webinars and educational events

Managing employees facing a cancer diagnosis is a huge responsibility.

We offer a series of workshops and educational webinars to support you and your organization through these difficult times.

Watch our webinar series to find out more about managing cancer in the workplace or request our manager’s guide, ‘Managing Cancer in the Workplace’.

We are here to  help you find the support you need to ensure that you provide the appropriate support for your employees.

Latest Presentation

Cancer Healthcare Benefits Providers for UK Employers & Employees

Managing Cancer in the Workplace

21st Feb @11.30am | Watch Now

Upcoming Webinars

Talking about Cancer
Supporting your employees
25th April at 11.30am

Your Employee’s Rights
Making Workplace Adjustments

Minimise Workplace Impact of Cancer
Returning to Work

Survivability Provision of Health and Wellbeing Benefit Packages
What’s the point? Why do it?

With support, people stay productive for longer, resume normal life more quickly and feel valued by employers