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It’s not just a benefit. It’s a declaration.

Maybe you’re here because an employee has cancer – or they’re concerned about someone who has. Or perhaps you’re planning ahead for the future. This is the right page for you if you want to:


Understand employees’ cancer needs in the workplace – from diagnosis, treatment, caring for others and everything in-between


Take steps to create the optimum environment at work for your employees’ wellbeing and recovery


Explore cancer-related employee benefits – including those not covered by PMI or the NHS and support for a cancer patient’s family members

Cancer in the workplace


34% of the new UK cancer cases each year are of working age.

The risk of cancer is one in three. And according to cancer charity Macmillan, that figure is expected to rise to one in two by 2020. There are currently over 700,000 people of working age living with cancer. Whether an employee is diagnosed with cancer themselves, or they’re concerned for a family member with cancer, it’s very likely that most employers will face cancer in the workplace sooner or later.

Many people choose to continue to work after a cancer diagnosis.

It maintains some sense of normality, routine, income, social contact and can actually help with recovery. So knowing how to support an employee who’s been given a cancer diagnosis, is undergoing treatment or returning to work is becoming a common issue in the workplace.

How we fit in


World-class care is available. Doctors are capable of extraordinary treatments. We have access to astounding technologies that give us all hope.

But having these great components isn’t enough if they aren’t reliably pulling together for your people in an efficient and reassuring way. And that’s exactly where we fit in. We help you to make it simpler, more efficient and less distressing for employees and their families to get the cancer treatment and support they need.

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Priorities Besides Living Longer

People with serious illness have priorities besides simply prolonging their lives. Surveys find that their top concerns include avoiding suffering, strengthening relationships with family and friends, being mentally aware, not being a burden on others, and achieving a sense that their life is complete.

Mr Atul Gawande. Surgeon, Writer and Public Health Researcher.

We can help your employees to have:

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Test results back quickly (usually within 48 hours) and access to a leading specialist in their specific type of cancer


Confidence in their diagnosis and clarity on their treatment options – so they can start the right treatment, right away


Practical and emotional support from a Case Manager – whether they’ve got cancer themselves or are concerned about someone who has

Chao Liu

A Scan And Biopsy Was Done That Same Day

I didn’t know who or where to ask. We contacted our GP, a couple of cancer charities and private hospitals. But they were very general and it wasn’t fast enough. This service has been first class. We went to the first consultation on Monday and a scan and biopsy was done that same day. Results came back on Wednesday and the operation is on Saturday. Every second counts.

Mr Chao Ling. London.

How it works

There is no one size fits all. So our service and benefit levels are delivered in a modular way to suit your cancer in the workplace needs and budget. If you’re looking for first line support and information for your HR team, we can do that. Or if you’re looking to give your employees access to a specialist in their specific cancer type and the peace of mind that comes from ongoing practical and emotional support, we can do that too. But whatever type and level of support you choose, we make sure it’s easy to set up and access. You already have enough on your plate.

Dr Sarah Jarvis

Confusing And Time-Consuming

The cancer journey is a rollercoaster of emotion, especially shortly after diagnosis. Understanding your options, knowing what questions to ask, finding the most appropriate private specialists and organising appointments can be confusing and time-consuming. Harley Street Concierge takes you through each decision, appointment and treatment option, every step of the way.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis. G.P, Broadcaster, Clinical Director of and Harley Street Concierge Medical Adviser.

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