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Harley Street Concierge

Core Package

For people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer, our ‘Core’ package aims to provide you with confidence in your diagnosis and clarity around your treatment options. We’ll also help you cope with any physical, emotional and practical problems your cancer diagnosis presents.

The ‘Core’ package includes;

A Personal Cancer Care Review – Dedicated phone support from a Case Manager plus a personalised one-to-one phone consultation with a Cancer Nurse Specialist will help you to focus on those things that are most important to you.

A funded Pathology Review and a funded Expert Second Opinion – We’ll support you to choose the most appropriate specialist from our network of experts. Get help confirming your diagnosis is correct and that your care plan is the most suitable for your needs. Understand your specific cancer type then choose between treatments and explore options that may not be widely available.

Support and Information – We’ll recommend and implement a personalised Support Plan for you. It’ll be relevant to your specific concerns, needs and cancer type and designed to support you as you go through treatment and beyond.

Harley Street Concierge fee £2750 + VAT


For people who are going through treatment or moving beyond it, our ‘Support’ package provides 12 months of ongoing personalised support from a dedicated Case Manager and Cancer Nurse Specialist to reduce the burden of cancer and create the optimum environment for your recovery.

The type of support we give you will be determined by what’s most important to you and where we can add most value. If you’re looking for a counsellor, we’ll help you find one. If you’re anxious about returning to work, we’ll support you with that too. You feeling more positive about the future is a wonderful side effect of the journey we’d take together.

Your Case Manager will be your key point of contact and can:

  • Answer questions about treatments and tests
  • Arrange private medical appointments
  • Chase, gather and check medical records
  • Prepare medical notes for consultations
  • Co-ordinate travel and accommodation
  • Arrange access to other beneficial services

A Cancer Nurse Specialist is a healthcare professional with cancer care experience and can:

  • Help you prepare questions for appointments
  • Accompany you to a clinic or consultation*
  • Complete all the registration requirements
  • Take notes throughout your consultation
  • Answer diagnosis and treatment questions
  • Suggest ways to cope with physical problems
  • Recommend additional sources of cancer support

*The costs of any services not covered must be funded by you.

Harley Street Concierge fee £2750 + VAT

Photo of Guy Chiarizia - Harley Street Concierge Patient

I Was Surprised How Easy They Made Things

The wait to be diagnosed with lung cancer was long. I had endless scans and waited several weeks for results. A scan result actually went missing and had to be done a second time. My trust in the NHS was at an all-time low. We spent hours looking for answers, wanting to know if what I’d been told was correct and if the right plan was in place. The outcome I received from Harley Street Concierge was reassurance. Scans and tests were checked with speed and precision. Explanations made the diagnosis easier to deal with. I was surprised how easy they made things for us. When getting copies of scans from the NHS all we had to do was sign a consent form. The rest was dealt with by the company. I would 100% recommend Harley Street Concierge to anyone going through a similar experience. Thanks to them, my cancer treatment plan is on track and I’m doing well.

Guy Chiarizia. Peterborough.

Laura Noscardi - Harley Street Concierge

Kindness, Speed And Humanity

When Roger was first diagnosed with cancer we were overwhelmed by all the information. We felt as though we were struggling through it alone. Harley Street Concierge’s detailed explanations and personalised approach were a massive support. Knowing there was hope gave us the motivation to keep fighting. Roger left us prematurely but knowing that he hadn’t been abandoned. Thank you for giving us this opportunity and for your kindness, speed and humanity.

Laura Noscardi. Mallorca.

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