Cancer Support Services

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A range of cancer services to choose from

This is the right page for you if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.
And you would benefit from:


One to one support and advice from a Cancer Support Specialist


Confidence in your diagnosis and clarity on your treatment options


Practical and emotional support from a Case Manager who knows the system inside out

The uncertainty stops here


As well as medical uncertainty, a cancer diagnosis brings emotional and practical challenges with it too.

Perhaps you’re anxious to get your affairs in order so you can concentrate on other priorities. Maybe you want someone to explain things in layman’s terms. Or get hold of your medical notes and take care of private appointment arranging and logistics on your behalf. Or perhaps you’re not sleeping at all well. You’re overwhelmed and not sure how you’re going to manage.

Shock, sadness, anger and fear are all natural reactions to a cancer diagnosis.

Couple this with a healthcare system that’s complex and confusing at the best of times. Add in your agonising wait for definitive answers. And it’s hardly surprising you’re finding it hard to take good care of yourself. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. And our Cancer Support Services are designed to help.

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More Positive About The Future

I know I’m in the right hands and as a result I feel more positive about the future.

Mr Peter W. Scotland.

Your Cancer Support Service Options


Our Cancer Support Services are born out of your feedback. You told us how much you value our insider guidance, efficiency and support throughout the cancer journey – and we listened. Choose from the options below.

Personal Cancer Care Review

  • A Personal Cancer Care Review can help you to:
  • Gain a better understanding of your specific cancer type and treatment options
  • Raise questions you haven’t asked during appointments with a doctor or nurse
  • Get in touch with other organisations and groups that can help
  • Cope with the physical, emotional and practical problems that a cancer diagnosis may present
  • Feel reassured and in control
  • Your Review will be delivered in stages:
  • A Case Manager conversation covers your situation, diagnosis and planned treatment
  • An assessment helps you think through your medical, emotional and practical needs
  • A Cancer Support Specialist telephone consultation focuses on support needs and unanswered questions
  • Your Case Manager sends a Personal Information Summary pack, including sources of support
  • A follow-up call from your Case Manager offers further support

Personal Cancer Care Review Plus

  • A Personal Cancer Care Review Plus can help you to have:
  • Certainty that test results have been interpreted correctly
  • Peace of mind that all options have been explored – including treatment not widely available with the NHS
  • Comprehensive practical and emotional support
  • All the benefits of the Personal Cancer Care Review, plus arrangement of:
  • A Pathology Review. This could help ensure you have an accurate diagnosis
  • A Face-to-Face Second Opinion with a specialist in your cancer

As an optional extra, support from your Cancer Support Specialist is available before and after your consultation – and even by your side during appointments in London.

Personal Concierge Support

  • One or three-month telephone support with a Case Manager
  • A dedicated Case Manager will be available 5 days a week from 9am to 5.30pm to manage day-to-day practicalities on your behalf
  • Your Case Manager will:
  • Answer questions about your consultations, reviews or tests
  • Contact your consultant’s medical secretary if questions need a clinical response
  • Arrange private medical appointments if needed
  • Chase documents and records and arrange safe transfer in advance of any medical appointments
  • Arrange travel and accommodation to attend private medical appointments where needed
  • Audit invoices when needed so you can monitor and keep track of all private medical fees
  • Arrange access to general concierge services (e.g. home management, nutrition and counselling services)

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Cancer Care Review: £330*

Personal Cancer Care Review Plus: £820*

Additional Cancer Support Specialist Service: £270*

Personal Concierge Support: £60 (1 month)*, £150 (3 months)*

*Medical and other third party costs are charged separately. These are payable directly to the appropriate clinic/provider and will be discussed with you in advance.

Your dedicated Case Manager is your main point of contact. A Case Manager matches you with the most appropriate clinical team, arranges appointments and care with the world’s most respected doctors, liaises with third parties on your behalf, gets hold of medical records, X-rays and tumour tissue samples, helps you make decisions that are right for you and supports you with your unique emotional and practical needs.

Your dedicated Cancer Support Specialist is a qualified cancer expert. A Cancer Support Specialist can answer questions about your diagnosis and treatment, suggest ways to cope with physical problems (including loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, pain and lack of energy), accompany you to consultations and recommend additional sources of cancer support.

A Pathology Review could help ensure that test results have been interpreted correctly and you have an accurate diagnosis. They’re helpful in determining or confirming what type, grade and stage cancer you have. We’ll get a sample of your tumour tissue and submit it to an expert pathologist for review. A report will be sent to you and the doctor(s) treating you – summarising the review and the findings.

A Face-to-Face Second Opinion is an in-person consultation with a specialist in your specific type of cancer. After your appointment, a report will be sent to you and the doctor(s) treating you – summarising the review and treatment recommendations.

Our service includes the additional option of being accompanied to this consultation by a Cancer Support Specialist. A Cancer Support Specialist helps you prepare your questions in advance, meets you at the clinic, completes all the registration requirements on your behalf and takes notes in your consultation to make sure everything is captured.

It’s essential for you to be certain that your diagnosis is correct. And that any suggested treatment is the most suitable for you and your specific cancer type. That’s why you’re entitled to seek as many opinions as you want – as long as you’re prepared to pay for a second opinion privately.

If you’re concerned, we’ll happily speak with your doctor on your behalf. And rest assured you can return to the NHS to continue your treatment at any time.

We have many years’ experience working with the doctors in London’s private sector and leading academic institutions across the UK – as well as the leading cancer centres in America. Doctors are handpicked for their outstanding research record, academic achievement, worldwide reputation and communication style. We also look for doctors who embrace new technology and are prepared to go the extra mile for you. We identify a choice of leading specialists then support you to make the right decision for you.

Yes. We can organise accommodation, flights, transfers and interpreters too if you’d find that helpful.

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My Original Diagnosis Was Incorrect

After a number of diagnostic tests and consultations my original diagnosis proved to be incorrect. I feel assured and confident that I’m now receiving the right treatment.

Mr Robert L. Scotland.

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