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Want to go from in the dark and anxious to in-the-know and in control?
If this describes you, you’ve probably been:


Referred for diagnostic tests and things aren’t moving quickly enough


Concerned about your diagnosis and cancer treatment plan


Thinking ‘there has to be something more I can do’ and struggling to cope

If these sound familiar we can promise you that
a) you’re not alone and b) you’ve come to the right place.

You’re probably wondering what qualifies us to make this promise


We’ve helped over 1,000 people like you.

Many had had enough of feeling in the dark and waiting for answers. Others wanted an accurate diagnosis quickly – so they could start the right cancer treatment as soon as possible. Some were looking for support through cancer treatment. Most wanted the peace of mind that came from knowing they weren’t leaving their wellbeing and the outcome to chance. Endorsed by leading cancer experts we make it simpler, more efficient and less distressing for you to get the cancer treatment plan and support you need.

How we can help you


Whether you want answers within as little as 48 hours, confidence in your diagnosis and cancer treatment plan or practical and emotional support from someone who carefully matches relevant services to your needs and means, we’re here to help. Get started below.


Concerned things aren’t moving quickly enough for you?

The wait can be intolerable after you’ve been referred for tests. Private Fast-Track Diagnostic Testing gets you results quickly. So you can start the right cancer treatment, right away.

Get the answers you need in as little as 48 hours with our Fast-Track Diagnostic Testing.


Worrying about your diagnosis and cancer treatment plan?

Our Expert Second Opinion Service will put your mind at rest. Confirm or re-evaluate your original diagnosis and explore all appropriate treatment options available to you.

Have confidence in your diagnosis and cancer treatment plan with an Expert Second Opinion.


Thinking ‘there has to be something more I can do’?

Our Cancer Support Services are designed to help. Experience ongoing practical and emotional support from a Case Manager who knows the system inside out.

Have guidance and support throughout the journey with our Cancer Support Services.

Rev. David Souter - Harley Street Concierge

The Timescale Was Impressive

Having enjoyed the first six months of my retirement, it transpired from an incidental visit to hospital that I actually had a brain tumour. The local NHS were helpful but the proposed time scale was likely to greatly increase the risk of the outcome. Harley Street Concierge’s knowledge proved to be excellent and the timescale was impressive. Within days I travelled to London, was scanned and introduced to a highly commended neurosurgeon. My operation was carried out successfully within one week of my first meeting with the consultant.

Rev. David Souter.

Laura Noscardi - Harley Street Concierge

Kindness, Speed And Humanity

When Roger was first diagnosed with cancer we were overwhelmed by all the information. We felt as though we were struggling through it alone. Harley Street Concierge’s detailed explanations and personalised approach were a massive support. Knowing there was hope gave us the motivation to keep fighting. Roger left us prematurely but knowing that he hadn’t been abandoned. Thank you for giving us this opportunity and for your kindness, speed and humanity.

Laura Noscardi. Mallorca.

Photo of Guy Chiarizia - Harley Street Concierge Patient

I Was Surprised How Easy They Made Things

The wait to be diagnosed with lung cancer was long. I had endless scans and waited several weeks for results. A scan result actually went missing and had to be done a second time. My trust in the NHS was at an all-time low. We spent hours looking for answers, wanting to know if what I’d been told was correct and if the right plan was in place. The outcome I received from Harley Street Concierge was reassurance. Scans and tests were checked with speed and precision. Explanations made the diagnosis easier to deal with. I was surprised how easy they made things for us. When getting copies of scans from the NHS all we had to do was sign a consent form. The rest was dealt with by the company. I would 100% recommend Harley Street Concierge to anyone going through a similar experience. Thanks to them, my cancer treatment plan is on track and I’m doing well.

Guy Chiarizia. Peterborough.

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