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Diagnosed with cancer and feeling in the dark about the right treatment and support?
Or how to get it all organised?
You’ve come to the right place. Especially if you’re:


Frustrated by the wait for cancer tests and treatment


Concerned whether your proposed cancer treatment really is the best option for you


Confused. Bewildered. Want guidance and support

Making it simpler, more efficient and less distressing for you to find treatment and get support


World-class care is available. Doctors are capable of extraordinary treatments. We have access to astounding technologies that give us all hope. But at Harley Street Concierge, we know that having these great medical components isn’t enough. And that’s exactly where we fit in. Get started below.

Dr Sarah Jarvis

The Cancer Journey Is A Rollercoaster Of Emotion…

… especially shortly after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Harley Street Concierge takes you through each decision, appointment and treatment option, every step of the way.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis. G.P, Broadcaster, Clinical Director of Patient info and Harley Street Concierge Medical Adviser.